Rebranding of PS85 as ETL-850

Amongst our range of high performance oily water treatment products is PS85, which is a specialist oil absorption media designed to remove the tightest oil emulsions from water. As part of a program designed to provide synergy of nomenclature of products this cost effective patented technology has been upgraded and rebranded ETL-850.

In terms of operation and performance ETL-850 is exactly the same product as PS85.

The ETL-850 (PS85) media has become a world leading product since its launch by Enhydra in 2008. Since then it has been used in hundreds of different projects around the world and it consistently outperformed other oil absorbent media. ETL-850 can be graded into almost any size and can be supplied as loose bulk media or in axial or radial cartridges.

If you want further information on ETL-850, or this rebranding, please contact our sales team.