7 Skids for North Africa.

At the very end of 2019 Enhydra was awarded a contract by Expro for use at one of the oldest and largest oil fields located in North Africa. The award was to design and supply various water treatment packages on a fast-track fit for purpose basis. The purpose of the equipment was to remove oil and suspended solids from the produced water to levels where the water was suitable for reinjection into a well.

The Water Treatment system comprises of two separate packages:
• Open Drains System (enhanced gravity separation).

• Produced Water Treatment (PWT) package consisting of the following major elements: Produced Water Collection Vessel, Desanding Hydrocyclones, Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) Unit, Nutshell Filtration and Backwashing management/treatment system. The above packages were supplied on skids, with full Instrumentation, Controls, Piping and Valves and respective Pump skids.


The 120 m3/h Produced Water Treatment package was designed to treat the oily process water from the upstream three-phase separators and electrostatic desalters. In addition, a Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI) package (enhanced gravity separation) was supplied to treat a side stream. The treated water (from the CPI) was combined with the PWT treated water and stored in a treated water buffer tank before reinjection into a well.
The Produced Water Treatment package supplied by Enhydra was designed to reduce the free oil concentration of the produced water from a maximum of 310 mg/l down to a maximum of 10 mg/l. The package was also designed to reduce suspended solids content in the treated water to less than or equal to 30mg/l.

These skids were all completed early 2021 and are now in transit to their final destination.