About Us

Enhydra Ltd was established in 2008 to fill one of the many knowledge gaps that was widening as the ageing population of Energy Industry engineers approached retirement and as large multinational corporations engulfed the expert process houses.


Enhydra supplies specialist process engineering and equipment for Produced Water Treatment Systems, Water Injection Systems and Sand Management Systems.

In addition to regular requirements for consultancy services, Enhydra supply our technology partners with process design expertise, specialist internals and equipment.

Throughout any project Enhydra will provide process support from design through to commissioning and then onto long term operational support.  This allows our clients to expand their product range whilst focusing upon their core expertise of equipment fabrication, relying on Enhydra to concentrate on the process.

Energy companies benefit from the ability to work with local and familiar manufacturers being assured that the process expertise is provided by an experienced and knowledgeable company.  At any time Enhydra works on a large and diverse number of projects which means that our knowledge and experience is often greater than many of the larger equipment suppliers.  This allows us to offer unparalleled support to both our clients and the end users.