Vortixx ® Compact Flotation Unit

The Vortixx ® compact flotation unit is one of the latest second generation Compact Flotation Units available on the market. Based upon a complex combination of multiple separation techniques the unique design of the Vortixx ® compact flotation unit results in outstanding separation performance on some of the toughest duties. The Vortixx ® compact flotation unit has repeatedly outperformed other leading products in comparison tests.


Vortixx compact flotation unit

Utilising a homogenised gas and water inlet that passes through multiple tangential inlets that induce swirl within the vessel. The combined effect of the centrifugal forces created by the induced swirl and the specially designed internal baffle arrangement, result in the gas bubbles and oil droplets being drawn with great effectiveness into a central collection area.

Ideally suited for FPSO applications the Vortixx ® CFU is designed to operate as either as single stage or two stage device.  For maximum efficiency a second set of tangential inlets  are added to the outer annulus creating a true two stage CFU.

The Vortixx ® CFU is available under a technology licence to our clients for manufacture by a third party.

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