Deaeration Towers

Seawater Deaeration is a core technology when considering secondary or enhanced oil recovery. Enhydra’s Seawater Deaerator can be used for either vacuum or gas striping applications.  We offer a range of expertise and custom internals to ensure your Deaerator requirements are met with maximum flexibility, reliability and minimal footprint.

Enhydra engineers have 30 years’ experience in the design and supply of deaeration systems in the Oil and Gas market.


Vacuum Deaeration TowersVacuum Deaeration Tower

Enhydra offer designs for multistage Vacuum and Gas Strip Deaeration towers designed to reduce oxygen levels below 5ppb. We offer bespoke tower and vacuum package designs for a wide range of turndown which are optimised to minimise height and the effects of tower motion while maximising efficiency by using high efficiency mass transfer packing.

Our bespoke designs are used for new capital equipment and refurbishment / upgrading of existing plant.

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