ETL-850 (PS85) Oil Absorption Media

ETL-850 (formerly PS85) is the world’s leading granular oil absorption media for the removal of total petroleum hydrocarbons from produced water, outperforming GAC/Granular Activated Carbon. ETL-850 is a patented non-swelling organoclay granular media that removes hydrocarbons from water by means of chemisorption. It is specifically designed for total petroleum hydrocarbon removal, including amongst many substances, Phenols, PAH and BTEX and is ideally suited to the removal of emulsions.


PS85 is the world’s leading granular oil absorption media

The oil absorption filter is suitable for a variety of applications such as treatment of stable emulsions in gas condensate and produced water, extended well testing, guard filters and bilge water polishing. Units are commonly designed to remove hydrocarbons to less than 5ppm.

Depending upon the application this versatile media is incorporated in to multi-tonne bulk beds or in high performance cartridge filter elements. Bulk beds in excess of 5 tonnes are not uncommon and cartridges are available with diameters of 2.5” and 4.5” with standard lengths of 10”, 20”, 30” or 40”.

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